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How To Design The Perfect Axolotl Tank. Put together The Required Gear. As with establishing another form of aquarium, your first step is to ensure you have all of the tools it’s good to ... Set Up Your Axolotl Aquarium. Test On And Keep Correct Water Values. Choose The Splendid Substrate. Add Some ...

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You can use a few bigger rocks as decoration in your Axolotl tank. Rocks can be so different in their shapes and colors that you can set up the aquarium according to your taste. They have to be big enough because otherwise your Axolotl is going to swallow them and things are not going to end well.


How I like to decorate my tanks. In this video I talk about substrate pros and cons, and tips on how to aquascape an aquarium. These are all personal videos ...

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Aquarium Axolotl Tank Setup & Decor Ideas with my friend Dusty. Tank setup ideas for Axolotls are given in this vid. You need to be careful with some decorat...

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Driftwood and Rocks as decoration for axolotl’s tank. Driftwood is an excellent element to decorate the tank of your axolotl, this decoration gives a natural look for the aquarium and will make your axolotl very curious and he will surely love it and often land on it and go under it to explore it.

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Sand of any colour that is safe for axolotls will be suitable. Rocks, fake plants, or plastic caves are a few examples of decorations you can plant in your axolotl tank. If you are using rocks, place the decorations in a pattern and provide caves for shade because of their sensitivity to light.

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Axolotls accommodate well to being raised and bred in captivity. Their housing requirements aren’t complicated, and enthusiasts can generally do a good job at offering their axolotls conditions that closely mimic their natural habitat. If you’re new to axolotls and you’re considering raising one yourself, … Setting Up Axolotl Aquarium – Tank Size, Filter, Plants, Decor & More read ...